Secure a financial future by Melvyn Mangion

Securing your financial future is something one should consider regardless of age or status. Secure it now. With some planning and a little foresight, one could be well on his or her way to carving out a future free of debt and worry.

Melvyn Mangion argues that being financially comfortable when you get older will not only make it easier to live life to the full but could provide you with choices you wouldn’t otherwise have. Here are 4 ways to secure your financial future.

Financial Career advancement

Career advancement usually goes hand in hand with an increase in salary and other benefits, so it’s a good idea to set yourself some realistic career goals and plan how these can be achieved.

If you feel that you need to further your education to secure the career that you desire, then it’s never too late to do that.

Whether it be going to night classes, enrolling in college, or going the whole hog and securing a place in one of the top red brick universities, following your dreams and advancing your career isn’t something you are likely to regret.

Financial Investments

Investing can come with associated risks depending on what you invest in but is a potentially good way to make a decent return.

Some people invest in property and look to securing a portfolio of rental properties, whilst others prefer to dabble in stocks and shares.

Regardless of what you invest in, you do need to do a fair amount of research to ensure that you are minimizing the risks.

Taking professional advice is also a good idea to allow you to make an informed decision. If it pays off, your financial future could prove to be extremely secure.


A mortgage is one of the biggest financial burdens that we face, and so paying it off earlier than planned can make a world of difference.

There are several ways to become mortgage-free sooner than initially intended.

Many lenders will allow you to overpay your mortgage each month, usually by up to around 10%.

If you are not tied to a product such as a fixed rate or tracker, there are usually no overpayment limits. Overpaying will reduce the outstanding balance and help to pay off your mortgage quicker.

Another way to be mortgage-free far earlier than initially predicted is to reduce your mortgage term.

Your monthly payments will, of course, increase, but it will save you thousands in interest payments.


If you are a spender rather than a saver, it’s a wise idea to try and change your habits.

Whilst buying things you like makes you feel happy and provides a temporary adrenalin rush, it isn’t going to help you years down the line. Create a realistic monthly budget and stick to it.

If you have credit cards, only use them if you know you can pay off the balance in full each month.

If you are tempted to make a large purchase, save for it until you can afford it.

Melvyn Mangion recommends that making small changes now could make a huge difference later in life.

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